Decatur Animal Service Pets of the Week: November 6th

Each week we will feature a wide array of Cats and Dogs from the Decatur Animal Services that need adopting. You may see them featured on other media outlets but the main goal is the same, GET THESE BABIES ADOPTED! Below is a gallery with a bio on each one to let you know a little bit more about their personality. If you're interested at all be sure and stop by to see them even if it is just to scratch their little head or play with them! 

Decatur Animal Services is located at 300A Beltline Rd. (Morgan Park) Decatur, Alabama 35601

Stop by and see them Monday - Friday from 10am to 4:30pm or Saturday 10am - 1pm!

CLICK HERE to visit the Decatur Animal Services Facebook page

Per Decatur Animal Services - - - Back to bringing your new adult dog home. Plan for your dog’s arrival at your house. Try to arrange the arrival of your new dog to come home on a weekend or when you can be home with him for a few days. Get to know each other and spend some quality time together. Don’t forget the jealousy factor for other pets and people you may have in the house. Sharing your new family member with everyone, one at a time, if also beneficial for everyone in the house. When Fido is comfortable, make sure everyone is included together at one time. THE DECATUR ANIMAL SERVICES will be closed Saturday, Nov. 9 and Monday, Nov. 11.

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