13th Annual Heroes Week Dinner

The 13th Annual Heroes' Week is wrapped on November 11th. These service members represent all five branches of the military and came from all over the U.S. to enjoy a week of relaxation and recognition in the Tennessee Valley! The event was put on by the Semper Fi Community Task Force of North Alabama. Thank you to all area law enforcement agencies that provided escorts and other services while Heroes Week was taking place. Special thanks to Lawlers BBQ & Wendy's for providing the food as well as Redstone Harley Davidson for providing the venue.

Thank you to Zach Stone who was this year's performer for the dinner! Check out Zach below as he joined the Dan, Dingo, & Josie Morning Show on 102.1 WDRM the day after to talk with them and play some tunes. You can also find Zach on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, & Twitter!



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